Randall Dang is an Accountant and Business Consultant who serves clients in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada area and helps them improve their financial well-being. Working for a variety of clients like small businesses, business owners and others, his financial management expertise provides them with much needed assistance when navigating their unique economic landscape. With financial analysis, financial reporting and many other accounting strategies, Randall Dang discovers the best plan of action to help every client succeed.

Today’s businesses face many challenges when it comes to financial management, risk mitigation, operation structure and other financial procedures. Randall Dang accountant services include outsourced CFO duties that will assist businesses in making informed financial decisions when expert opinion is needed. His advisory services will guide businesses through these challenges by providing tax and financial consulting, advice and in-depth knowledge to meet their needs. Dang can help identify inefficiencies that may hinder business profit and can find direct solutions to improve financial alignment.

Randall Dang also adheres to a higher standard when working with clients as he has formal education in the field and has held numerous professional certificates until March 2017 at which point he resigned his designations in order to focus on business consultation including financial and strategic analysis and estate planning. His credentials included Certified Management Accountant (CMA Society of Canada & BC), Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA Canada and BC) and Certified General Accountant (CGA Association of Canada and BC).

When a business needs an experienced and reliable Accountant, Randall Dang has the expertise that is required for success.